High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat / Felt

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Fiberglass Needled Mat

Fiberglass Needled Mat

LIH FENG JIING 's fiberglass needle mat is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulation blanket of uniform density. It is manufactured from a well-controlled assortment of long textile glass fibers to ensure uniform mechanical bonding with no additional binders. The resulting product has excellent insulation efficiency for extended exposure at high temperatures. Also good for sound insulation and filtration applications.

Stainless Steel Wool And Products

Stainless Steel Wool And Products

LIH FENG JIING 's stainless steel wool AISI 434 is used by the most important car and motorcycle silencer manufacturers for its acoustic insulating properties and resistance to high temperatures and. Stainless steel wool should be used when corrosion has to be avoided. It also withstands to high temperatures (up to 850 °C) common in industrial processes and it is resistant to abrasion. Stainless steel wool is not inflammable.


LFJ's High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat / Felt

LIH FENG JIING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. started to manufacture stainless steel wool, fiberglass needle mat and other thermal and acoustic insulation fiber products since 1975, particular for automotive, motor, ATV and racing industries.

LFJ's refined fire resistant product is certified to meet international standards. Along with fiberglass needle mat, there are stainless steel wool, e-glass and PP, knitted wire mesh, glass roving, High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat / Felt, etc.

With both advanced technology and 42 years of experience, LFJ makes sure each product meets all of the physical demands for exhaust applications.

High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat / Felt

High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat Pipe Insulation
High Temp Fiberglass Needled Mat Pipe Insulation

The Lih Feng Jiing’s high temperature fiberglass needled mat/felt is manufactured by 100% inorganic continues fiber needled together without any binder which can be supply uniformed density on each requirement. The operating temperature can be supplied up to 1000℃ and will not dispersion during application. The characteristics of our fiberglass needled mat/felt are low conductivity, low shrinkage and heat loss, low smoke, ideally flexible, incombustible, asbestos free, no corrosion, with high porosity and high tensile strength. Therefore, it can be offered the excellent insulation, good sounds absorption.
Besides that, LFJ can also combine layers of silica mat with layers of various fiberglass mat offering customer cost saving when application permits.
Based on the great quality provided and control, we also afford a cost-effective for each customer.
The high temperature fiberglass needled mat/felt can be processed into preformed pipes, insulation pipes, die cut piece, laminated with Aluminum foil, coated with fabric, self-adhesive etc. with various of component on heat insulation and acoustic reducing purpose.
The fiberglass needled mat/felt is widely using on silencer(muffler) of exhaust system for automotive and motorcycle, insulating heat shield for automotive and motorcycle, pipe insulation for petrochemicals, power plant, Aerogels, oil gas tank and so on.


  • Heat Insulations
  • Sounds Absorptions
  • Automotive Industries
  • Motorcycle Industries
  • Petrochemicals Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Buldings and Constrctions
  • Ship and Transporations
  • ESLIN Insulation Pipes


High temp needle mat/felt could be classified as :

  • Fiberglass Needle Mat-E (650°C)
  • ECR Fiber Needle Mat (750°C)
  • Basalt Fiber Needle Mat (750°C)
  • S glass Fiber Needle Mat (850°C)
  • Silica Fiber Needle Mat (1000°C)
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