We provide advanced products by our continuous innovation

Since 1979, Lih Feng Jiing dedicated to the innovation development and mass production, our high level quality and rapid response to the market has gained client's satisfaction.

Excellent Quality

We strive to provide customers highest quality products and keep improvements, with quickly response for customer's feedback

High Volume Production Capability

We provide high volume capacity with an annual capacity of 15,000tons fiberglass needle mat which excludes forming parts.

Reasonable Cost

We keep ongoing with process improvements and lower loss during production, providing reasonable cost in the market.

Hot Product

Fiberglass Needle Mat Hot

Fiberglass Needle Mat

It is made by long fiber without binder which withstands temp. up to 1000℃, uniformed mat is its characteristics.

Thermoplastic Composite Felt Hot

Thermoplastic Composite Felt

It is made of thermoplastic fiber blending with glass fiber/carbon fiber, which supplies uniformed lightweight felt.

Stainless Steel Wool Hot

Stainless Steel Wool

It is made by shaving process which withstands temp. up to 1000 ℃ and corrosion resistance function.