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About Us


Established in 1970, Lih Feng Jiing Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer on Thermal and Acoustic Insulation products, we specialize at High-Temperature Fiberglass Needle Mat, Lightweight PP+GF Composite Sheet/Felt, Stainless Steel/Wool/Felt, Bulked Fiberglass Roving, and variety products used to fireproof industry.
Major segments served include automobile, motorcycle, petrochemical, power plant, transportation, construction, home appliance, filtration, fireproof applications.

Lih Feng Jiing group has more than 400 employees, our group headquarters located in Tainan and engaging business over the world.
We have 3 manufacturing operations(production bases) which located in Tainan, Shanghai and Qidong area, all facilities achieves ISO certificate and IATF 16949 certificate.

Nearly 50 years plenty experience in manufacturing high-temperature resistance and sounds absorption products combined with technical development personnel, offers you a range of skills and technology all the time.
Lih Feng Jiing is also capable of fabrication tailor-made products that meet the specific applications and needs of our esteemed customers, the entire solution is our exclusive ability.
Our commitment is to produce high-performance products that help our customers save energy, save cost, and save our earth.

Our Philosophy
  • Stick to Integrity, Focus on Professional
  • Quality Priority, Customer First
  • Seek Innovation, Open Vision
  • Create Win-Win, Sustainable Development
Our Vision
  • Our vision is to be the most reliable and long-term global business partner for high temperature fireproof insulation industry
Our Misson
  • Our mission is and has been providing customer high performance products and complete technology solution with reasonable cost.
Our Quality Policy
  • Customer-oriented, Quality Priority, Keep Improve
2021Shanghai Fengya introduced an automatic equipment for inner chamber pipe of Auotomotive exhuast system.
2020Qidong Yufeng set up a German made needle punch equipment and total annual output at Lih Feng Jiing group is ready on a little bit over 8,000 tons.
2020Qidong Yufeng intoduced an automatic cutting equipment.
2019New plant and office building of Qidong Yufeng are officially completed with coving 23,000M² and starting operation
2018Mr. Tung Shou-Yin founded new company named Qidong Yufeng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
2017Shanghai Fengya set up an equipment of heat pressing for GMT plate and starting operation.
2015Expanded plant constructure at Lih Feng Jiing and builded the 2nd whole-plant needle punch equipment.
2013Taiwan Lih Feng Jiing and Shanghai Fengya introduced an automatic wire mesh equipments synchronously.
2011Shanghai Fengya intoduced the 2nd whole-plant needle punch equipment with capacity 6,000 tons per year.
2008Shanghai Fengya intoduced the whole-plant stainless steel wool equipment.
2006Shanghai Fengya intoduced the 1st whole-plant needle punch equipment.
2002Mr. Tung Shou-Yin founded Shanghai Fengya Fireproof and Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
1998Set up a representative office in Shanghai city and developing China market.
1996Lih Feng Jiing introduced whole-plant needle punch equipment.
1995Expanded factory to Shanshang Dist. Covering with 11,000M².
1983Move to Yungkang Tainan city and set up a plant covering with 1600M².
1970Mr. Tung Wenqing established "Lih Feng Jiing Enterprise Co.,Ltd." in Kaohsiung,Taiwan ,engaged in selling operation of fireproof,acoustic insulation materials

We provide advanced products by our continuous innovation

Since 1979, Lih Feng Jiing dedicated to the innovation development and mass production, our high level quality and rapid response to the market has gained client's satisfaction.

Excellent Quality

We strive to provide customers highest quality products and keep improvements, with quickly response for customer's feedback

High Volume Production Capability

We provide high volume capacity with an annual capacity of 15,000tons fiberglass needle mat which excludes forming parts.

Reasonable Cost

We keep ongoing with process improvements and lower loss during production, providing reasonable cost in the market.

Quality Certificates

Lih Feng Jiing group aims to be the most reliable and long-term global business partner for thermal insulation, fire protection, sounds absorption and thermoplastic composite.