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A leading developer and manufacturer of Fiberglass Needled Mat, Stainless Steel Wool 434, Knitted Wire Mesh, Ring Seal, Glass Wool Preformed, Silica Fiber Needled Mat.

High-temperature Fiberglass Needle Mat & Lightweight PP+GF Composite Sheet/Felt For Automobile And Motorcycle Applications | Lih Feng Jiing Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan, China since 1975, LFJ has been a stainless steel thermal and acoustic insulation products manufacturer that is specialized in the production of High-Temperature Fiberglass Needle Mat, Lightweight PP+GF Composite Sheet/Felt, Stainless Steel/Wool/Felt, Bulked Fiberglass Roving used for the fireproof material industry.

ISO9001-2000 and IATF 16949 certified, LFJ's refined high-temperature resistance and sounds absorption product is certified to meet international standards. Along with high-temp fiberglass needle mat,, there are stainless steel wool, e-glass and PP, knitted wire mesh, glass roving, etc.

LFJ has been providing high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation products, both with advanced technology and 47 years of experience, LFJ ensures each customer's demands are met..