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Fiberglass Needled Mat

Fiberglass Needled Mat

LIH FENG JIING 's fiberglass needle mat is a mechanically bonded glass fiber insulation blanket of uniform density. It is manufactured from a well-controlled assortment of long textile glass fibers to ensure uniform mechanical bonding with no additional binders. The resulting product has excellent insulation efficiency for extended exposure at high temperatures. Also good for sound insulation and filtration applications.

Stainless Steel Wool And Products

Stainless Steel Wool And Products

LIH FENG JIING 's stainless steel wool AISI 434 is used by the most important car and motorcycle silencer manufacturers for its acoustic insulating properties and resistance to high temperatures and. Stainless steel wool should be used when corrosion has to be avoided. It also withstands to high temperatures (up to 850 °C) common in industrial processes and it is resistant to abrasion. Stainless steel wool is not inflammable.


42 of Industrial Engine Breathers Manufacturer - LFJ

Located in Taiwan, China since 1975, LIH FENG JIING ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is an experienced manufacturer on Thermal and Acoustic Insulation products, which is specialized at High-Temperature Fiberglass Needle Mat, Lightweight PP+GF Composite Sheet/Felt, Stainless Steel/Wool/Felt, Bulked Fiberglass Roving, and variety products used to fireproof industry.

Major segments served include automobile, motorcycle, petrochemical, power plant, transportation, construction, home appliance, filtration, fireproof applications, LFJ's refined fire resistant product is certified to meet international standards. Along with fiberglass needle mat, there are stainless steel wool, e-glass and PP, knitted wire mesh, glass roving, etc.

With both advanced technology and 42 years of experience, LFJ ensures each product meets all of the physical demands for exhaust applications.

Engine Breathers

Engine breather is made of knitted wire mesh, choose high quality galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as raw material, cut into different shape, and compressed or crimped into different shapes to fit engines or breathers.

Product Description

Engine Breather is made of knitted wire mesh and is a type of knitted mesh filter installed on engine breathers. Engine Breather can also remove oil droplets, reducing the emission and protecting the environment.


  • Filtering precision guaranteed
  • Accommodate with more engines and breathers with various mesh shape
  • Suitable for working in hard environments with high temperature and corrosion
  • Easy install and replace
  • High filtering efficiency


  • Automobile & Motorcycle
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Air tool industry

They are suitable for petroleum, chemicals, industries, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, automobile, tractor industries such as distillation, evaporation, filtration process, to remove entrained in the steam or gas and liquid droplets in the foam, and used as automobile and tractor air filter.

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